Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Willow Springs Canyon - Chevelon Canyon to Willow Springs Lake COA

Willow Springs Canyon, from the confluence with Woods Canyon upstream to Willow Springs Lake, will be managed primarily for featured species and self-sustaining wild populations of cold water species including brook trout, brown trout, and tiger trout (which were documented as naturally occurring). This is one of the few locations for anglers to pursue brook trout for the Arizona Wild Trout Challenge. No stocking to support this fishery is proposed. It will secondarily be managed for self-sustaining native fish populations of speckled dace, which are currently present. Bluehead sucker habitat exists in Willow Springs Creek, but they are believed to no longer be present and are recommended for repatriation.


Little Colorado River


Conservation Potential


Management Priority

Sport Fish Recreation (Sport Fish Cold Water-Featured Species); Native Aquatic Species Management (Native Fish-Self-sustaining)

Primary Strategy Species


Brook Trout, Brown Trout

Secondary Strategy Species


Bluehead Sucker, Little Colorado Sucker, Speckled Dace