Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Appendix B: Acknowledgements

(All are AZGFD staff unless noted otherwise)

 Primary Authors: Joyce Francis, Charles Hofer, Matthew King, Tiffany Finke

Technical, administrative, and editorial support: Josh Avey, Michael Barbour, Zach Beard, Erin Butler, Chris Cantrell, Julie Carter, Barbara Cook, Jon Cooley, Troy Corman, Marianne Cox, Clay Crowder, Mark Dahlberg, Mike Demlong, Locana de Souza, Dave Dorum, James Driscoll, Russ Engel, Karen Franco, Kandis Glavin, Hannah Griscom, Larissa Harding, Jim Heffelfinger, John Hervert, Brian Hickerson, Holly Hicks, Kenneth “Tuk” Jacobson, Elizabeth Johnston, Cristina Jones, Thomas R. Jones, Edwin Juarez, Ann Justice-Allen, Jack Kauphusman, Bill Knowles, Keith Knutsen, Chrissy Kondrat, Richard Langley, Sharon Lashway, Ian Latella, Richard Lawrence, Kendra Loubere, Shawn Lowery, Susi MacVean, Tracy McCarthey, Kyle McCarty, Jarrod Mcfarlin, Angela McIntyre, Amber Munig, Ian Murray (Pima County), Jonathan O’Dell, Audrey Owens, Elaine Pittman, Damian Rawroot (TNC), Heidi Rayment, Anthony Robinson, Esther Rubin, Mason Ryan, Tim Snow, Jeff Sorensen, Scott Sprague, Tice Supplee (Audubon Southwest), Kristin Terpening, Luke Thompson, Sabra Tonn, Ginger Ritter, Bill Van Pelt, Raul Vega, Renee Wilcox, Dave Weedman, Tyler Williford, John Windes, Kelly Wolff, Kirk Young

Special thanks to Lisa DeBruyckere of Creative Resource Strategies for her coordination of our public outreach and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Special thanks to Tim Howard at the Research Foundation for SUNY-ESF for developing species distribution and abundance models.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the representatives from other government agencies, tribes, nongovernmental organizations, and the public who provided valuable expertise and input through participation in workshops and meetings and/or provided feedback and comments through the online survey or AZGFD’s website.