Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Appendix A: Acronyms in the AWCS

4FRI     Four Forest Restoration Initiative

ABBA   Arizona Breeding Bird Atlas

ABCI    Arizona Bird Conservation Initiative

ACC     Arizona Corporation Commission 

ADEQ    Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality

ADOT   Arizona Dept of Transportation

ADWR  Arizona Dept of Water Resources

AFWA   Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

AIDTT  Arizona Interagency Desert Tortoise Team

AMA    Active Management Area

APH     Apache Highlands Ecoregion

APLIC   Avian Power Line Interaction Committee

ARCC   Aquatics Research and Conservation Center

ASLD    Arizona State Land Department

ASP     Arizona State Parks

ATV       All-Terrain Vehicle

AUD     Angler Use Days

AWCS   Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

AZCBM Arizona Coordinated Bird Monitoring Program

AZFWCO Arizona Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office

AZGFD Arizona Game and Fish Department

BCR     Bird Conservation Region

BLM     Bureau of Land Management

CAGCS Central Arizona Grassland Conservation Strategy

CAP     Central Arizona Project

CAT     Conservation Analysis Tool

CCA     Candidate Conservation Agreements

CCAA    Candidate Conservation Agreements with Assurances

CCAS   Climate Change Adaptation Strategies

CEC      Commission for Environmental Cooperation

CFA     Center for the Future of Arizona

CHAT   Critical Habitat Assessment Tool

CMA    Conservation Management Area

COA     Conservation Opportunity Area

CWCS   Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy

CWD     Chronic Wasting Disease

DEM     Digital Elevation Model

DOD     Department of Defense

EPA     Environmental Protection Agency

ESA       Endangered Species Act

FAA     Federal Aviation Administration

FHWA  Federal Highway Administration

FTHL     Flat-tailed Horned Lizard

GIS         Geographic Information System

HCP     Habitat Conservation Plan

HDMS  Heritage Database Management System

HMA    Herd Management Area

HMN    Hummingbird Monitoring Network

HUC     Hydrologic Unit Code

IBA        Important Bird Area

IPCC     International Panel on Climate Change

IUCN    International Union for the Conservation of Nature

LCRB    Lower Colorado River Basin

LRP      Landowner Relations Program

LTMP   Long Term Monitoring Plot

NABCI  North American Birds Conservation Initiative

NA-CEN North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation

NMGFD New Mexico Game and Fish Department

NDOW  Nevada Department of Wildlife

NF          National Forest

NGO      Non-Government Organizations

NHS     National Historic Site

NM       National Monument

NPS       National Park Service

NRCS    Natural Resource Conservation Service

NWR    National Wildlife Refuge

OHV      Off Highway Vehicle

PACS   Protected Activity Areas

PARC    Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

PIF         Partners in Flight

RF          Random Forests

SERI      Species of Economic and Recreational Importance

SGCN    Species of Greatest Conservation Need

SHA     Safe Harbor Agreements

SHCG   Species and Habitat Conservation Guide

SWAP   State Wildlife Action Plan

SWG      State Wildlife Grants

SWReGAP Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project

TNC       The Nature Conservancy

TWW    Teaming With Wildlife Committee

UA       University of Arizona

USACE US Army Corps of Engineers

URTD    Upper Respiratory Tract Disease

USBR    US Bureau of Reclamation

USDA   US Dept of Agriculture

UDWR  Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

USFWS US Fish and Wildlife Service (also FWS)

USGS   US Geological Survey

WAFWA Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

WDW    Wildlife Data Warehouse

WFMP  Watershed-based Fish Management Process

WHR     Wildlife Habitat Relationship

WMP    Watershed Management Plan

WNS     White-nose syndrome

WSCA   Wildlife of Special Concern in Arizona

WUI       Wildland-Urban Interface

WVP    Wildlife Viewing Program