Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Willow Creek - Clear Creek to Headwaters COA

The Willow-Gentry complex management unit will be managed entirely for the benefit of self-sustaining native aquatics populations. Historic populations of speckled dace and bluehead sucker are present in many locations, along with reintroduced populations of Little Colorado spinedace and northern leopard frogs. No non-native threats were known to be present in this system until the documentation of green sunfish in Bear Canyon Lake in 2018. Green sunfish escapement from Bear Canyon Lake will be monitored in the watershed downstream. Sunfish should also be eradicated to prevent downstream colonization of likely suitable habitat. Establishment of green sunfish would negatively-impact the integrity of this system as a native species refuge site.


Little Colorado River


Conservation Potential


Management Priority

Native Aquatic Species Management (Native Fish-Self-sustaining)

Primary Strategy Species


Bluehead Sucker, Little Colorado Spinedace, Little Colorado Sucker, Speckled Dace

Secondary Strategy Species