Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

East Clear Creek - Leonard Canyon to C.C. Cragin Reservoir COA

East Clear Creek - Leonard Canyon to C.C. Cragin Reservoir reach is managed as a self-sustaining fishery for roundtail chub, Little Colorado spinedace, speckled dace, bluehead sucker, and Little Colorado sucker. Little Colorado spinedace have been rarely captured since the mid 1990s. This stretch of the stream has an extremely large population of non-native crayfish which likely suppress fish numbers. In addition to the native fish component, East Clear Creek supports a self-sustaining rainbow trout population and is managed as a sport fishery for the wild rainbow trout.


Little Colorado River


Conservation Potential


Management Priority

Native Aquatic Species Management (Native Fish-Self-sustaining); Sport Fish Recreation (Sport Fish Cold Water-Wild Fish)

Primary Strategy Species


Bluehead Sucker, Little Colorado Spinedace, Little Colorado Sucker, Roundtail Chub, Speckled Dace

Secondary Strategy Species


Rainbow Trout