Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Chevelon Canyon - Chevelon Crossing upstream to Chevelon Canyon Lake COA

The portion of Chevelon Canyon Creek immediately downstream of Chevelon Canyon Lake will be managed primarily for self-sustaining populations of native fish, including roundtail chub, Little Colorado sucker, bluehead sucker, Little Colorado spinedace, and speckled dace. This portion will also be managed as a wild self-sustaining coldwater fishery. No trout stockings are proposed, as the coldwater fishery will be maintained with trout periodically spilling out of the lake and natural spawning recruitment in this portion. Water released from the dam is under AZGFD management and will be maintained in a way to benefit native fish populations downstream and coldwater sportfish. Non-native warmwater centrarchids will be removed whenever found.


Little Colorado River


Conservation Potential


Management Priority

Native Aquatic Species Management (Native Fish-Self-sustaining); Sport Fish Recreation (Sport Fish Cold Water-Quality)

Primary Strategy Species


Bluehead Sucker, Little Colorado Spinedace, Little Colorado Sucker, Roundtail Chub, Speckled Dace

Secondary Strategy Species


Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout