Arizona Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Chevelon Canyon - Chevelon Canyon Lake to the confluence of Woods Canyon and Willow Springs Canyon COA

Chevelon Canyon Creek upstream of Chevelon Canyon Lake will be managed primarily as a Blue Ribbon-Trophy coldwater fishery for brown trout and rainbow trout. The secondary management objective is for self-sustaining populations of native fish including roundtail chub, speckled dace, bluehead sucker, and Little Colorado sucker. Special regulations include a two trout daily bag limit with artificial fly and lure-only restrictions to sustain a Blue-Ribbon Trophy wild population of brown trout. Non-native warmwater centrarchids will be removed whenever found.


Little Colorado River


Conservation Potential


Management Priority

Sport Fish Recreation (Sport Fish Coldwater-Blue Ribbon-Trophy); Native Aquatic Species Management (Native Fish-Self-sustaining)

Primary Strategy Species


Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout

Secondary Strategy Species


Bluehead Sucker, Desert Sucker, Roundtail Chub, Speckled Dace